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Possessed Prod. Demur

Possessed Cover


O_|_O traverses upper and lower dimensions of this universe and other universes as Demur. These mixes are just six of some of the more recent tracks by Demur depending on your comprehension of time. These songs revolve around hardware equipment and less computer technology due to the inability to bring possessions on these trips.

Track #1 – Christmas Lights

Track #2 – Jittery

Track #3 – Athena

Track #4 – Velma Dinkley

Track #5 – Speak For Your Self

Track #6 – Astaroth



Alex “Seedless” Califra’s debut conceptual album is an extended play blending together as one continuous mix that beautifully captures the expression of oppression on the artistic mind.

Track #1 – ‘Ism’

Track #2 – Grown Ups

Track #3 – We Don’t Feel

Track #4 – Self ft. Bob Lazar

Track #5 – I Won’t Blow Away

Track #6 – Thank Miss Whoever

Track #7 – Stoned Out My Mind

Track #8 – Two Dykes And A Damn

Track #9 – California ft. Scro-Tom

Track #10 – When I Thought I Was Isis

Track #11 – 911, What’s The Emergency?

Track #12 – A Way Towards Youth

Track #13 – Speedracer (I Spit On People Too)

A Lie: Live from the Lucid Lonely Basement

This extended play album was recorded live within Rockmore Recordings personal studio and then recut and remastered into a continuos mix. We hope you enjoy.

Track #1 – Running Waves

Track #2 – Eggly Chicken

Track #3 – Allie

┬áTrack #4 – Vice Versa You’re Still Straight

Track #5 – Land of Misfit Boys

Track #6 – I Act Accordingly to the Weather