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Frankie Guerrero is originally from Queens, New York. After moving to Westchester, NY he met artist Alex Califra or Seedless'ism', they began collaborating on the album "Seedless'ism'" together. Then they realized that together their talents could express a powerful idea of independent thought and artistic expression. Alex Califra's musical roots are based within acoustic, indie, and rock and roll backgrounds which he has perfected with an instinct for authenticity. Frankie Guerrero started as an electronic musician writing small minimal compositions gradually mastering traits in engineering and sound design molding a "distortion with clarity" vibe with retro dance inspirations causing him to create multiple alternate personalities including 'Demur', his live underground techno performance act. Together Frankie Guerrero and Alex Califra have an extremely unique sound consisting of a strong knowledge of the history of the musical arts. Film and Writing are another asset of Alex Califra and Frankie Guerrero. Alex is a totally original lyricist with a keen eye for editing film and directing, personally directing and writing numerous sitcoms, shorts, and screenplays before meeting with Frankie Guerrero. Who also has been known to edit film over his tracks and do a small amount of amateur directing. As a group the created Rockmore Recordings, which is a production company available for free lance work and a label consisting of artists ready to make valuable contributions society.