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Frankie Guerrero is originally from Queens, New York. After moving to Westchester, NY he met artist Alex Califra or Seedless'ism', they began collaborating on the album "Seedless'ism'" together. Then they realized that together their talents could express a powerful idea of independent thought and artistic expression. Alex Califra's musical roots are based within acoustic, indie, and rock and roll backgrounds which he has perfected with an instinct for authenticity. Frankie Guerrero started as an electronic musician writing small minimal compositions gradually mastering traits in engineering and sound design molding a "distortion with clarity" vibe with retro dance inspirations causing him to create multiple alternate personalities including 'Demur', his live underground techno performance act. Together Frankie Guerrero and Alex Califra have an extremely unique sound consisting of a strong knowledge of the history of the musical arts. Film and Writing are another asset of Alex Califra and Frankie Guerrero. Alex is a totally original lyricist with a keen eye for editing film and directing, personally directing and writing numerous sitcoms, shorts, and screenplays before meeting with Frankie Guerrero. Who also has been known to edit film over his tracks and do a small amount of amateur directing. As a group the created Rockmore Recordings, which is a production company available for free lance work and a label consisting of artists ready to make valuable contributions society.

‘Townspeople’ an album by Nick Califra

‘Townspeople’ by Nick Califra

‘Townspeople’ by Nick Califra marks his debut on  Rockmore Recordings. All songs written by Nick Califra.
Produced by Alex Califra and Frankie Guerrero.

1. Simplistic Things

2. Pair Of Ears

3. Townspeople

4. No Rhyme Or Reason

5. Tribespeople

6. It All Goes

7. Being Mine

8. All Alone


Credits (alphabetical order):

All songs written by Nick Califra

Produced by Alex Califra and Frankie Guerrero

Nick Califra, drums  

Alex Califra, Nick Califra, rhythm guitar

Alex Califra, Frankie Guerrero, lead guitar

Alex Califra, bass guitar

Frankie Guerrero, synthesizer


Little Beards

The Little Beards EP originally was released by Alex Califra at age 15 during a brief suspension while fulfilling the request to endure a psych evaluation to insure the safety of his peers. The EP was recorded entirely on an eight-track tascam recorder inside of a bedroom. Unearthed and remastered the demo includes a never before released bonus track. We felt this was worth dusting off and sharing with you. All Songs written and recorded by Alex Califra.

1. Bad Little Children

        2.  I’ll Do Anything For You

3.  Running Waves

4.  Shooting Down Dreams

5. Dot

Possessed Prod. Demur

Possessed Cover


O_|_O traverses upper and lower dimensions of this universe and other universes as Demur. These mixes are just six of some of the more recent tracks by Demur depending on your comprehension of time. These songs revolve around hardware equipment and less computer technology due to the inability to bring possessions on these trips.

Track #1 – Christmas Lights

Track #2 – Jittery

Track #3 – Athena

Track #4 – Velma Dinkley

Track #5 – Speak For Your Self

Track #6 – Astaroth



Alex “Seedless” Califra’s debut conceptual album is an extended play blending together as one continuous mix that beautifully captures the expression of oppression on the artistic mind.

Track #1 – ‘Ism’

Track #2 – Grown Ups

Track #3 – We Don’t Feel

Track #4 – Self ft. Bob Lazar

Track #5 – I Won’t Blow Away

Track #6 – Thank Miss Whoever

Track #7 – Stoned Out My Mind

Track #8 – Two Dykes And A Damn

Track #9 – California ft. Scro-Tom

Track #10 – When I Thought I Was Isis

Track #11 – 911, What’s The Emergency?

Track #12 – A Way Towards Youth

Track #13 – Speedracer (I Spit On People Too)

Hiatus: Live from the Lucid Lonely Basement Ep


Hiatus: Live from the Lucid Lonely Basement Ep by Alex “Seedless” Califra is an utterly stunning display of talent. It is pure improvisation and a fantastic listening experience. These wide mixes have you speechless as each second passes. With a rare rendition and remake of a long lost Jewel record, Alex “Seedless” Califra’s version puts the original in a box.  Be sure to investigate the Bside of this album in the Music page for a little surprise.

Track #1 – Doom(A Rendition of Jewel)

Track #2 – Don’t Nothing Fit Nowhere Anymore

Track #3 – The Scientific Makeup of Nothingness

Track #4 – Christ’s in a Barf-Tin

Hiatus: Live from the Lucid Lonely Basement Ep Bside


This sister album called, Hiatus: Live from the Lucid Lonely Basement Ep Bside is an alternate mix of Hiatus: Live from the Lucid Lonely Basement Ep. It contains more space and it centers around Alex “Seedless” Califra’s voice and his guitar. The feeling of being in the room with him is definitely there, and as a bonus there are two additional tracks on this album entitled “Jud” and “Pretty” summing up to about a half an hour of brand new music with individual mixes. Improv’d and raw this performance packs a punch.

Bside Track #1 – Doom(A Rendition of Jewel)

Bside Track #2 – Don’t Nothing Fit Nowhere Anymore

Bside Track #3 – The Scientific Makeup of Nothingness

Bisde Track #4 – Christ’s in a Barf-Tin

Bside Track #5 – Jud

Bside Track #6 – Pretty

Mr. Doom and Gloom

Mr. Doom and Gloom Cover

Mr. Doom and Gloom

Mr. Doom and Gloom by Mr. Doom and Gloom is an experimental album. Explaining this album works better describing who Mr. Doom and Gloom is or even who is Mr. Doom and Gloom? Only going by Mr. Doom and Gloom, his first name is actually unknown. The label was given to him due to his unbearable ability to ramble on about everything that is wrong with everything, and how eventually everything that is everything will come to an end. Mr. Doom and Gloom displays inconceivable amounts of awareness and intellect. He has never been seen physically or metaphysically, and his personality may come off as quite apathetic and cold. Mr. Doom and Gloom can been intensely self-centered, but he is notoriously fixed on the idea that answers lie within.

A Lie: Live from the Lucid Lonely Basement

This extended play album was recorded live within Rockmore Recordings personal studio and then recut and remastered into a continuos mix. We hope you enjoy.

Track #1 – Running Waves

Track #2 – Eggly Chicken

Track #3 – Allie

 Track #4 – Vice Versa You’re Still Straight

Track #5 – Land of Misfit Boys

Track #6 – I Act Accordingly to the Weather